Impact, results & success stories

EU-AITF support that makes a difference

Of the EU-AITF’s portfolio, 26 grants and seven projects have been completed so far. Projects worth EUR 8.3 billion have already become operational or reached the investment phase. The grants supporting these projects total EUR 449 million. This means that each grant has effectively leveraged investments of 18.4 times the grant amount. More than half of the total investment amount, i.e. EUR 4.8 billion, was contributed by the Project Financiers Group (PFG), corresponding to a leverage effect of 10.7 for the PFG’s financing contribution.

EU-AITF grants have a high added value. With EU-AITF support, projects have become financially or economically viable or had a greater social or environmental impact, reaching more people than would have otherwise been the case.

In the Fund’s four sectors of operation - water, energy, transport, and information and communication technology - EU-AITF projects make a difference. They contribute to sub-Saharan Africa’s economic and social development in many ways, for example, by:

  • Providing 3 087 650 households with electricity. 2.2 GW of additional electricity will come from renewable energy sources.
  • Installing or upgrading 18 251 km of transmission or distribution lines.
  • Building or upgrading 1 850 km of roads.
  • Bringing safe drinking water to 693 500 households.
  • Improving sanitation services for 118 000 households.
  • Laying 11 930 km of internet cable[1].
  • Creating 2 661 direct permanent jobs and 41 961 jobs during the construction phase.

[1] Already achieved.