Donor statements

Thomas Westphal

Director General – European Policy

Federal Ministry of Finance, Germany


“The FEMIP Trust Fund has seen another successful year supporting the preparation and implementation of projects and hence unlocking important catalytic investment for sustainable economic growth in the Southern Neighbourhood. For many years now, it has played a crucial role in achieving a strong development impact to ultimately improve the lives of local populations in the region. In contributing to the stability of the region, the Trust Fund has been an early mover on what has recently become a priority policy objective.

Germany, as one of its long-standing supporters, is proud to be associated with this success story adding real value to development projects and is looking forward to seeing more good results in the years to come, given the existing strong and interesting pipeline. The work of the FEMIP Trust Fund is in line with Germany‘s development objectives for the Southern Neighbourhood, which is facing a number of challenges such as migration and climate change.”

Gelsomina Vigliotti

Director General

International Financial Relations

Ministry of Economy and Finance, Italy


“The FEMIP Trust Fund mirrors the EIB and European Union’s commitment to address the needs of the Mediterranean partner countries and foster development for the benefit of all.

The Trust Fund’s multi-sector vocation and versatile approach has brought about tangible results that can also be capitalised on a larger scale, while pursuing EU policy objectives in the Southern Neighbourhood region.

As a FEMIP Trust Fund donor, Italy has provided financial support and participates in the Assembly of Donors to help address the socio-economic development of the Mediterranean partner countries, which requires investments in youth employment, skills development, infrastructure, the environment, and entrepreneurial expansion and growth, all domains where the FEMIP Trust Fund has a direct impact.”

Kyriacos Kakouris

Head of the Directorate of Administration

and Finance

Ministry of Finance, Cyprus


“The financing of long-term projects of common interest has been one of the EIB’s main success stories over its 60-year history. A major contributor to this success is the Facility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership (FEMIP) together with the FEMIP Trust Fund, which support the preparation and financing of significant projects in the Mediterranean region, thus fostering and enhancing development and employment

Cyprus strongly believes that faster growth in Europe can be achieved when we see our closest neighbours also prospering and enjoying peace, and economic and social stability. It is certainly true that more and better jobs in Europe can be sustained when we build with our neighbours sustainable infrastructure to trade and secure flows of energy and goods, as well as human knowledge

Cyprus stands firm in further enhancing the role of the EIB and other international financial institutions in support of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership in order to assist our Southern Neighbours in facing the major challenges of the region and further expanding its great potential.

We are sure that the Euro-Mediterranean partnership will continue with confidence to play an important, strong and efficient role in supporting worthwhile investments that enhance competitiveness, development and sustainable growth in the Mediterranean region.”